JNU Professor Debilitated To Kill

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JNU  professor debilitated to kill


Jagannath University (JNU) associate educator, was debilitated. The educator's name Raisul Islam. He is a teacher of reporting and mass correspondence. Keraniganj Police station on Thursday in the wake of a general journal (GD) was the educator.

Raisul Islam said, on Wednesday evening outside the house for very a few offenders to kill me needed to hold up right around two hours. They didn't give me a chance to take off. I attack, reluctant to go out.

He more said, that some tanked adolescents in the road to visit. Noisy music amid the season. The Chef, blackmail included in different violations. Mr. jahidul and some of these dissent undermined to slaughter me in broad daylight.

Keranigonj about the cop in control (OC) Mujibur Rahman, has documented Raisul Islam getting passing dangers. GD 890 number. They will make the fundamental strides soon.

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