46 Candidates To Fight Against One Seat At JUST

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46 Candidates to fight against one Seat at JUST


46 applicants will contend their application against every seat at Jessore University of Science and Technology (JUST) in the undergrad affirmation test for the first year first Semester respects/Engineering courses under 2015-16 session.

The confirmation test of JUST will be hung on December 15 and 17 , 2015 . An aggregate of 30940 understudies connected for the confirmation tests against 680 seats under 18 divisions of JUST.

As the estimation, 46 understudies will contend application for every seat. Aide Director of Public Relations Branch Hayatuzzaman Mukul said, candidates will strive for "A" unit, 10453 for "B" unit; 9389 for "C" unit; 5,643 for "D" unit, 2,441for E' 474 and 2,540 for "F" unit.

Prior, the application procedure began on September 20, 2015 and proceeded till October 15 ,2015. For additional data, confirmation seekers are encouraged to visit the college site (www.just.edu.bd).

Be Noted that 43 Candidates was compete for every seat at JUST in the most recent year. From perspective point ,3 understudies has expanded for every seat in this year.

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