7th Convocation Of BAU Yet To Be Held After 9 Months Of Registration

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7th Convocation of BAU  yet to be Held  After 9 Months of Registration

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Bangladesh Agriculture University (BAU)

The seventh Convocation of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) is not being held in the 9 months after the end of the enlistment process for taking an interest understudies. 

The enlisted understudies requested the quick sorting out of the seventh conference. The seventh assembly of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) was booked to be hung on February 24, 2015 has been suspended because of the unavoidable reason. 

Enlistment center of BAU, Abdul Khaleq affirmed the suspension of seventh conference on February 12, 2015. The BAU Registrar Abdul Khaleq said, the planned conference on February 24, 2015 won't be held. The rescheduled date will be advised later. 

Be that as it may, the BAU Registrar not said the careful explanation behind suspending the conference. Enlistment process for the meeting has finished on January 21, 2015. A sum of 815 understudies have enrolled for the conference. Around 1,400 understudies are relied upon to take an interest in the meeting. 

President Abdul Hamid, additionally the chancellor of the college, is required to go to the system and hand over the authentications alongside Chancellor's Gold Medal to the graduates taking after scholarly greatness in diverse classifications, sources said. 

As indicated by the college organization sources, understudies, who have finished their graduation between January to June 2013 and January to June 2014 separated from post graduation by January to June 2014 alongside PHD from 2011, are qualified to go to the meeting. Be that as it may, the meeting has been put off for quite a while.

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