Scholarship Opportunity At Japan

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Scholarship Opportunity at Japan

Kochi University of Technology is putting forth Special Scholarship Program (SSP) for undertaking based. This uncommon grant project is accessible for seeking after the doctoral degree program in the Department of Engineering. 

Area of Study(s): Scholarships are granted in the Department of Engineering at Graduate School of Engineering. 

Course Level: Scholarships are accessible for seeking after the doctoral degree program. 

Grant Provider: Kochi University of Technology 

Grant can be taken at: Japan 

Grant Open for International Students: International understudies can apply for these grants. 

What does it spread?

  • Exemption from 20,000 tk placement test expense 200,000 tk enlistment charge and 350,000 tk/year educational cost charge 
  • To bolster everyday costs, 100,000 tk/month is paid for examination task work. 
  • 100,000 tk is accommodated travel and introductory living expenses. 

Grant Application Deadline: March 18, 2016.

Click Here to see Detail Scholarship Circular

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