Colleges Under National University Cannot Use 'University' Word

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Colleges Under National University cannot Use 'University' Word

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National University (NU)

Starting now and into the foreseeable future, the honors and masters level colleges under National University (NU) cannot use the "University" word - in the organization's name. 

An official statement marked by the College Inspector accountable for the National University Professor Dr. Md. Shamsuddin Ilyas said, schools under National University utilizing the "College" word in the organization's name subsequent to getting associated for distinctions and bosses level courses, which is past the principles. 

From today, the "College" word can't be utilized with the school name as a part of any ways. The warning was issued on November 18, 2015 (Wednesday). 

All exercises of the school must be directed as per the name of College that firstly partnered from the National University or the name that has been endorsed later by the University. 

The school administering bodies and concerned has coordinated to actualize that request. Strict measures will be taken including dropping the directions alliance if the foundation damaging the principles. 

Note that, the National University was established in 1992 to free the session jam. Open and private schools were subsidiary to the National University through brought them out from the state funded colleges

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