13-year-old Girl Delivers Baby In Washroom!!

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13-year-old girl delivers baby in washroom!!

In a stunning occurrence, a 13-year-old understudy of ninth standard conveyed a child in her school washroom. 

The occurrence did not happen in any remote town of Telangana but rather in Madhapur in the data innovation center point, lodging numerous worldwide IT monsters. 

The tribal young lady created work torments amid the class and she had no clue as what was occurring. As she griped of stomach torment, the instructor who was taking the class requesting that her go to the wash room. 

To absolute stun of everyone, the young lady conveyed a child young lady in the washroom. The school powers educated the folks, who too had no clue about how she got to be pregnant. 

In spite of the fact that the episode happened on Saturday, it became known on Monday. Both the young lady and her little girl were in healing facility and safe. 

No one among the 20 part school staff including 13 ladies instructors at Government High School Madhapur saw that the young lady was pregnant. The educators said she used to cover the stomach with a scarf keeping in mind sitting on the seat, used to keep the sack before her. 

The young lady's guardians were additionally stunned. They said they didn't notice anything. The locale instruction officer has requested a test. Be that as it may, no one from the school is said to be included. 

After preparatory request, police booked a body of evidence against an adolescent who used to go with the young lady to class. Dinesh is suspected to have made the young lady pregnant.

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