Bangladeshi Students Will Get Scholarships At EU Universities: EU

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Bangladeshi Students will get Scholarships at EU Universities: EU

Universities of European Union will offer Erasmus grant and cooperation for Bangladeshi understudies and instructors. 

This was revealed at a class on 'Open doors for Academic Co-operation in the middle of EU and Bangladeshi Higher Education Institutions' held at the University Grants Commission (UGC) assembly hall, says an UGC official statement. 

Speakers said setting up and improving scholarly and additionally look into cooperation in the ranges of science and innovation and advancement amongst the colleges of EU and Bangladesh ought to advance at the same rate. 

UGC Chairman Professor Abdul Mannan directed the capacity while EU Ambassador and Head of the Delegation to Bangladesh Pierre Mayaudon were available at the project as the visitor of honor. 

The EU emissary watched that information based society is vital for Bangladesh to end up a center pay nation in not so distant future. 

Foundation of scholastic and exploration joint effort in the advanced education establishments is profoundly required too to accomplish the objective, he included. 

UGC Chairman in his discourse said building and fashioning better understanding and closer ties between the colleges of EU and Bangladesh is the prime requirement for upgrade and internationalization of advanced education. 

He termed the proposition of Erasmus grant and Jean Monnet partnership in the territory of scholarly and examination by EU for Bangladeshi instructors and understudies a brilliant open door. 

Philippe Ruffio, the Head of Sector-Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission, introduced a paper on the event. 

UGC individuals Professor Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Ali Mollah, Professor Dr. Dil Afroza Begum, VCs, Pro-VCs and recorders of a few open and private colleges were available at the system.

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