Rajshahi University Cut Off Second Time Admission Opportunity

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Rajshahi University Cut Off  Second Time  Admission Opportunity

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University of Rajshahi (RU)

After Dhaka University and Jagannath University; Rajshahi University (RU) has likewise chosen not to give another opportunity to the applicants looking for affirmation. 

An Academic Council meeting led by the Vice-Chancellor Md. Mijanuddin took the choice on December 19, 2015 (Saturday) evening. 

After the meeting, Registrar Entajul Haque said that the possibility for 2016-17 who have as of now showed up in the current year's passageway test won't be permitted to sit once more. 

Just the individuals who pass the HSC in 2016 will be permitted to take the following affirmation tests, he included. Scholarly Council Member Amzad Hossain said that the committee had talked about the issue broadly before settling on a definite conclusion. 

The board likewise thought seriously about that the High Court had scrapped an appeal against Dhaka University's choice taken in October a year ago, he included. 

After the DU powers had chosen to not permit another opportunity, confirmation seekers had begun a development and moved the court. Be that as it may, their development finished when the court rejected their supplication.

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  • sonia - posted 07 Feb, 2016

    Jara 2015-2016 hsc exam a 1 subject a fail koreche Tara ki ai bochor rajshahi university te admission dite parbe?