Missing RUET Student Found

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Missing RUET student found

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Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology

Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) understudy and BCL pioneer Saifuzzaman Sohag has been safeguarded 14 days after he were grabbed by a few individuals recognizing themselves as RAB individuals. 

Police safeguarded him blindfolded from a lodging of Mirsarai of the port city Chittagong on Tuesday midnight. 

Sohag`s father-in-law Sheik Abdur Rahman Dulal affirmed about the salvage. He was being taken to Rajshahi by a microbus while the report was distributed. 

Sheik Abdur Rahman said police captured two persons from Narayanganj and Rajshahi couple of days prior. As per their data, police saved Sohag from Mirsarai of Chittagong. 

The arrestees are previous RUET understudy engineer Farzadul Islam Miron, 24, child of Abdul Awal Khan of Faizbad of the capital`s Dakshinkhan Police Station, and Isfaq Yasif Ipu, 21, RUET understudy and child of Shawkat Ali of Noudapara of Rajshahi. 

ATM Shahin, partner magistrate of Rajpara Police Station, said the arrestees were remanded for three days. As per their data, sohag was saved. 

On December 9, a few individuals recognizing themselves as Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) individuals grabbed Sohag. 

Later Sohag`s father Akkas Ujjaman documented a General Diary (GD) with Rajpara Police Station of the city. 

Taking after the day of kidnapping, Sohag`s Father Akkas Ujjaman in a press instructions said that about 15 disguised men went to his home by a white microbus and instructed them to open the entryway recognizing themselves as RAB individuals. 

He said, "We would not like to open the door. Yet, the general population constrained us to open it." 

"Soon after opening the door, they got up Sohag`s room on the third floor of the house and grabbed his Laptop and electronic gadgets and took him away by the microbus," he included. 

He said, "In a question where he was being taken the men said to contact with police headquarters the next morning." 

Saifuzzaman Sohag is a fourth-year understudy of Mechanical Engineering of Department of the University and secretary of data and research wing of Bangladesh Chhatra League RUET unit. He used to live with relatives at Paschimpara of Terokhadia range of Rajpara of the city.

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