First Female Dean At IU

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First Female Dean at IU

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Islamic University (IU)

Teacher of Law department of Islamic University (IU), Kushtia Professor Dr. Nurun Nahar has been designated as the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Shariah. 

A lady surprisingly has been selected in the most elevated post of a personnel under Islamic University. She assumed control over the obligation of Dean on December 21, 2015. The Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Abdul Hakim Sarker was selected her in that post on December 17, 2015. 

She will be served as Dean of the Faculty of Law and Shariah for next two years. She has been supplanted with Professor Dr. Mohammad Islam. 

Teacher Dr. Nurun Nahar has been chosen as an official individual from the as of late held race for University Teachers' Association. She is the creator of philanthropic law, tort law and digital law. 

Educator Dr. Nurun Nahar said, I have been designated in the most noteworthy post of the staff and I will attempt my best to finish my obligation.

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