Six New Private Varsities Approved

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Six New Private Varsities Approved

The legislature has endorsed six new private universities however the current private colleges are professedly neglecting to convey quality instruction. 

Sources said two of these colleges will be built up in Dhaka, and the rest will be situated in Manikganj, Khulna, Kushtia and Chittagong. 

Instruction Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said, "The head has endorsed new six private colleges. We have gotten a letter from the Prime Minister's Office in such manner on December 28, 2015 (Monday). We will send letters to powers of these colleges affirming the endorsement." 

Nahid said the new colleges will begin scholarly exercises once they meet the terms and states of the endorsement. The recently endorsed colleges are-The International University of Scholars and Canadian University in Dhaka, NPI University of Bangladesh in Manikganj, Northern University of Business and Technology in Khulna, Rabindra Maitree University in Kushtia and University of Creative Science and Technology in Chittagong. 

The quantity of private colleges has practically multiplied in the four years. The endorsement for six new colleges takes the quantity of private colleges in the nation to 90 from just 52 in 2011. 

"As both President and Prime Minister have affirmed the colleges, the service will formally educate the proposed colleges about the endorsement", an authority of the service said. It has been learnt the new private colleges will need to sign deeds with the administration and complete rest of the techniques before dispatching scholarly exercises.

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