Public University Teachers Is To Go Indefinite Strike

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Public University Teachers is to go Indefinite Strike

The public university teachers have undermined to quit working totally if the administration does not satisfy their interest for a different pay scale by January 11, 2016. 

League of Bangladesh University Teachers' Association (FBUT) President Professor Farid Uddin Ahmed made the critical cautioning at a question and answer session held in Dhaka University's Teachers' Club on January 02, 2015. 

Educator Farid Uddin said, "The instructors of 37 state funded colleges the nation over will quit working from January 11 if the legislature doesn't meet our requests for which we are on challenge for as far back as eight months". 

They have chosen to wear dark groups on January 3 and watch a three-hour strike on January 7, he said. 

The state funded college instructors have been challenging the proposed national pay scale subsequent to May 14, upholding their four-point contract of interest that incorporates development of a commission to start an autonomous pay scale for the state funded college educators. 

Their four-point request likewise incorporated the prompt update of the national pay scale, keeping senior teachers and senior secretaries of the administration at an equivalent level of installment.

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