IU Law Students Lock Dept. Demanding Class-exam Begin

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IU Law Students Lock  Dept. Demanding Class-exam begin

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Islamic University (IU)

The understudies of Islamic University (IU) bolted division president room and classrooms of Law and Muslim Provisions office requesting class-exam begin. 

They have bolted the division president room and classrooms on January 10, 2016 at 12:30 pm in the wake of closure the due date of offered final proposal to the college organization for opening the class-exams. 

Prior, the understudies set the due date for college organization on January 09, 2016 requesting the same. Understudies are being offended and bolted the office as the due date finished at 12:00 pm. The understudies said their project will be proceeded until beginning the class-exam. 

The president of Law division Professor Dr. Shahjahan Mandal said, "General state of the division will be told to the college organization. The organization will make a move in such manner." 

College Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Abdul Hakim Sarker said, "I have conversed with the departmental president and personnel dignitary of that division. Headings were given to find a way to unravel the matter rapidly. The college organization will give all backing."

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