CU Teacher's Strike Continiued

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CU Teacher's Strike Continiued

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University of Chittagong (CU)

A far reaching strike of instructors is running at Chittagong University (CU) and in addition every single open universitie in the nation requesting a different pay scale. 

Subsequently, composed notification "a wide range of classes and tests will be shut till further notice" were seen on the notification sheets of all divisions of the college. 

Staffs of the distinctive offices said in regards to the notification that these notification are hanged in the notification sheets by getting request of high summon for instructors' inconclusive strike. 

As a feature of the strike, Chittagong University Teachers Association (CUTA) watched different projects including exchange on the first day of instructors thorough strike program beginning from January 11, 2016 (Monday). 

In the interim, numerous understudies were seen going home because of not having any classes and tests at the college. On January 11, 2016 (Monday) evening, a third-year understudy of Sociology division Nausina Akhtar holding up at the train station said, "The University get to be out of date from January 03, 2016". 

"We thought a comprehension of the educators would be made with the legislature, yet the thorough strike of instructors' has started from today. So I leave the grounds for a couple of days to go home", she included. 

General Secretary of Teachers' Association Kazi SM Khasrul Alam Kuddusi said, "The Public University Teachers' Association pioneers and strategy producers are not having any arrangements till Today (Monday). So far the strike will be proceeded with uncertainly."

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