DU Published A List Of 60 Teachers Not Paying Dues Of About Tk. 44 Million

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DU Published a list of 60 Teachers not paying dues of about Tk. 44 million

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Dhaka University (DU)

Dhaka University (DU) has distributed a list of 60 previous instructors who have not paid aggregate dues of about Tk. 44 million. 

A public statement conveying the rundown said on January 10, 2016 (Sunday) a few educators had been ended as they didn't rejoin toward the end of an instructive leave while numerous others basically surrendered. 

However, they didn't pay the contribution in spite of a few updates in composing, it said. They have been remanded again taking after a Syndicate choice, the discharge included. 

The contribution now add up to over Tk. 43,866,000 with enthusiasm, as per the announcement. It said the Syndicate has chosen to charge enthusiasm until the duty are paid. 

By explanation, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has the most extreme number of instructors with duty - ten of them. 

The software engineering division is second with five such educators. The English and science offices and the Institute of Health Economics have four. 

The Bangla office's previous partner educator Aminur Rahman finished the rundown of instructors with levy independently. The ex-instructor owes the college over Tk. 3.8 million. 

The electrical and electronic building office's previous teacher Sheik Mohammad Ali has the second most elevated measure of levy - over Tk. 3 million.

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