Jnu D-Unit 4th Migration And 5th Nomination List Published

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Jnu D-Unit 4th migration and 5th nomination list published

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Jagannath University (JNU)

The authorities of Jagannath University (JnU) has distributed the fifth subject based nomination list of 'D-Unit' under the scholarly session 2015-16. 

What's more, the fourth relocation list has been distributed. An official statement from Public Relations, Information and Publications division of the college acclimated that. 

The discharge additionally said, designated understudies from 211 to 282 legitimacy requests of Humanities area has been named for the fifth legitimacy list for D-Unit. 

What's more, understudies from 268 to 277 legitimacy requests of Science area, understudies from 122 to 123 legitimacy requests of Business segment and understudies from 9 to 18 sitting tight request have been designated for that legitimacy list. 

The investigation of legitimacy rundown from 268 to 77 and 123 to 122 exchange and different branches of the legitimacy list and holding up rundown from 9 to 18 chose in the legitimacy rundown were picked. 

Designated understudies have been coordinated to finish the affirmation process inside of January 14 and January 17, 2016. The fifth designation and fourth movement arrangements of 'D-Unit' can be found at the University Website: (www.jnu.ac.bd). 


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