Human Rights Journalism Workshop Held At RU

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Human Rights Journalism Workshop Held at RU

A day long workshop on human rights news-casting entitled 'Preparing on Human Rights Journalism' held at Rajshahi University (RU) on January 29, 2016. 

Bangladesh Human Rights Journalist Forum and Rajshahi University Journalist Association in help with Bangladesh NGO establishment mutually sorted out the workshop at ecological science Institute of Rajshahi University where an aggregate of 30 columnists of grounds partook. 

RU Vice-Chancellor Professor Muhammad Mizanuddin tended to as boss visitor with president of Rajshahi Journalist Union Kazi Shahed and general secretary Mamun-ur-Rashid displayed as uncommon visitors at the workshop program, which was managed and directed by RUJA president Mahbub Alam and joint-secretary Sazid Manik. 

Tending to at an end function, RU Vice-Chancellor Professor Muhammad Mizanuddin said there ought not be no parcel among the general population as individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds took an interest in our freedom war; and it is normal. 

Teacher Mizanuddin said, "As more segment between individuals will be diminished, the insurance of human rights will be so natural. The vast majority of the human rights are being damaged in light of the fact that we are not united. Columnists could assume a major part to settle this issue." 

On the off chance that there is no media, the nation might confront a dreadful circumstance to lead it. In spite of the fact that there is danger in this calling however broad communications is the fourth condition of a nation. Writers must need to work from the spot of obligation, VC likewise included. 

Secretary General of Bangladesh Human Right Journalist Forum Khairuzzaman Kamal and partner educator of Bhashantek Govt College of Dhaka Abdullah Al Mohan gave preparing on Human Rights diagram of UN, Women Rights outline of UN, Child Right graph of UN, part of broad communications to spare ladies and youngsters rights to the took an interest columnists in the workshop.

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