Govt Set Deadline To Refund The Extra Fees Taken By Schools-Colleges

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Govt Set Deadline to Refund the Extra Fees Taken by Schools-Colleges

The legislature has set a due date for non-public schools and universities to discount the additional expenses they had before charged from understudies. 

They will need to give back the additional sum inside of seven days, beginning Thursday, and advise the powers, Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said on February 03, 2016 (Wednesday). 

Most non-public schools and universities in Dhaka and Chittagong improved educational cost and affirmation charges toward the start of this current year, supporting their activity on the request of the late climb in the pay size of government representatives. 

In the wake of the cries of dissents by understudies and folks, the service issued a request on Jan 17, teaching instructive foundations not to charge improved expenses. It said that few schools and universities had climbed educational cost and different expenses without the administration's endorsement. 

The representing groups of the foundations have been advised to take after government directions contained in the rules of the optional and higher auxiliary instructive sheets. 

"In this setting, all organizations are being told to quit charging expanded educational cost expenses until further notice from the administration", the request read. 

In December a year ago, a High Court request trained the powers to start ventures against schools that charged additional cash to enroll understudies for Secondary School Certificate exams.

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