76 Held For DAE Recruitment Test Forgery

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76 Held For DAE Recruitment Test Forgery

The composed test for the third and fourth class enlistment in 1,578 empty posts of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension (DAE) under the Ministry of Agriculture was hung on February 05, 2016. 

Approximately 76 individuals were captured for going to the test as occupants. There are understudies of a few schools and occupation holders in Dhaka notwithstanding understudies from Dhaka University were among them. 

None of them are close relatives that they went to do the wrongdoing. Those 76 went to go to the test as inhabitants offered from the known individuals, senior citizens from living zone, and instructing focuses. 

The concerned individuals said the occurrence of getting got as employed competitors or fake examinees were happened before in an assortment of open administration enrollment exams in the nation. Be that as it may, this is the first run through were gotten 76 together. 

One of the young fellows captured said, Tk. 500/ - was given to him from a honing focus. Condition was, an acceptable sum will be given if the relating competitor can pass. 

A few says, they needed to take the test as a philanthropic help to poor people and unemployed adolescents to land the position. Be that as it may, they didn't envision that they would go to imprison. 

A large portion of them were crying, when the captured young people accumulated at the Institute of Business Administration at Dhaka University. 70 among the 76 were given to the police for sending them to the prison with various terms. Furthermore, the 6 other were given to the Shahbagh Thana Police for serious criminal examination.

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