1,000 Meritorious Students Will Get Free Flight At US-Bangla Air

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1,000 Meritorious Students Will Get Free Flight at US-Bangla Air

US-Bangla Airlines will offer 1,000 capable graduate understudies to appreciate free flight to one of its local destinations this year praising the tourism year. 

"We will work the initially graphed flight to the understudies for a round excursion to one of our household destinations on March 26, the Independence Day", M. Quamrul Islam, DGM advertising of US-Bangla said that. 

The private carriers took the activity under a system titled "Flying the Future of Bangladesh" to give viable thought regarding flight operation to the gifted graduate understudies of the nation. 

"The flight commander and flight specialists will show flight operation before the understudies before their flights", Quamrul Islam said. 

All graduate and post-graduate understudies of any college, school, medicinal school and building school of the nation will be qualified to apply to enjoy the free flight. 

US-Bangla Airlines serves the household destinations with three DASH-8 Q400 air ships and working planned flights from Dhaka to Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Jessore, Sylhet, Saidpur, Rajshahi and Barisal courses with almost 98.7 percent On-Time Performance.

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  • Md.Kamruzzaman - posted 12 Feb, 2016

    That is good program.

  • Md.Kamruzzaman - posted 12 Feb, 2016

    How can I join this event?Please tell me. My mobile no:01913332703.