RU Law Students Carried Out Demonstration

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RU Law Students Carried out Demonstration

To begin with year last law exams of the Rajshahi University have started in the midst of dissents by 57 understudies, who have been banished from showing up due to "inadmissible" participation. 

The exam started at 9:00 am on February 15, 2016 (Monday), said Abu Naser Md. Wahid, the office director. The 57 excluded understudies have been organizing a sit-in before the office since February 14, 2016 (Sunday) evening. 

One of them affirmed they had not been cautioned about the strict authorization of the participation rules. An understudy needs to have 75 percent participation to be qualified for the yearly examinations. On the off chance that they have at least 60 percent, they can even now sit for the tests by paying a fine. 

Educator Wahid said the participation paradigm had been casual to at least 55 percent to permit however many understudies as could be allowed. 

Tamashree Das, president of the college unit of Bangladesh Chhatra Federation, turned out in backings of the unsettling understudies. "That the participation tenets will be entirely taken after was declared just a month prior to the exams. This is inadmissible", she said.

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