Singaporean Polytechnic Will Provide Training To Bangladeshi Teachers

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Singaporean Polytechnic will provide Training to Bangladeshi Teachers

Singapore will give preparing to 1,150 educators and authorities of specialized training segment in Bangladesh at Nanyang Polytechnic International (NYPi) in Singapore. 

An organization understanding was marked in such manner in Singapore in the middle of Bangladesh and Singapore on February 16, 2016 (Tuesday) in vicinity of Minister for Education Nurul Islam Nahid. 

Ashoke Kumar Biswas, chief general of the Directorate of Technical Education, Bangladesh, and Foong TzeFoon, CEO of NYPi consented to the arrangement for the benefit of their particular sides. 

According to the assention, an aggregate of 1,150 educators of polytechnic establishments and authorities of government and non-government instruction related associations will partake in 60 instructional classes in Nanyang Polytechnic International (NYPi), Singapore in next three years. The length of time of the trainings will be one to six weeks. The NYPi will likewise set up 10 current research facilities at 10 polytechnic organizations in Bangladesh with the help of Skills and Training Enhancement Project (STEP) under the Ministry of Education. 

"Bangladesh has accomplished noteworthy advancement in specialized training segment through deliberate endeavors and firm responsibilities of the administration furthermore using the help of improvement accomplices", said Nurul Islam Nahid. 

The clergyman likewise said that the 420 instructors and authorities of specialized training parts, who experienced preparing in Nanyang Polytechnic International in Singapore in 2014, are adding to acquire a positive effect the specialized training segment. 

Instruction serve additionally communicated his positive thinking that the general environment of the specialized training part of Bangladesh would be produced further with the preparation of 1,150 educators and authorities and setting up of 10 current research facilities. Game plan of preparing and setting up of research centers will cost Tk. 56 crore, of which NYPi will bear 31.15% and STEP will bear 68.85%.

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