E-Library Introduced At Bangladesh Bank

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E-Library Introduced at Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank on February 23, 2016 dispatched an e-library meaning to put in the national bank library with innovation and create it worldwide standard. 

Initiating the e-library, Bangladesh Bank representative Dr. Atiur Rahman said the new venture has effectively manufactured a system between the national bank library and different libraries of the nation. 

He said, the extent of Bangladesh economy is about $210 billion which will be multiplied in the following five years as the nation's economy is developing in a quick pace. The senator trusted that the national bank's e-library would assemble a more noteworthy association with the world's acclaimed libraries. 

"This e-library of the national bank will be the inside purpose of study for analysts, financiers, perusers in the saving money segment in not so distant future", he told the starting capacity at the Bangladesh Bank. 

Agent Governor Nazneen Sultana said the national bank has progressed to another period of digitization with the starting of the e-library which took three years to finish the task.

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