DU Students Will Get Opportunity To Do Internship At Netherlands

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DU Students will get Opportunity to do Internship at Netherlands

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Dhaka University (DU)

Netherlands communicated enthusiasm for giving fleeting preparing and temporary job to the International Business office understudies of Dhaka University (DU). 

An assignment group from Netherlands communicated enthusiasm amid a meeting with the Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique at his office on February 23, 2016. 

CEO of Netherlands Export Management Fred Johnsen drove the appointment group. Other individual from the designation group is from the same association Dr. Erie Landsmeer. 

Collaborator Professor of International Business branch of Dhaka University Md. Rashedur Rahman and Dhaka International Trade Center Official Md. Mahfuzul Quader were available right now. 

Amid the meeting, the issues of common hobby, especially the likelihood of undertaking joint examination exercises between Dhaka University and Netherlands Export Management were talked about. 

Educator Arefin Siddique said thanks to the designation for their coming to Dhaka University and communicating the longing to attempt collective exercises with the college.

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