A New Agricultural University Is To Set Up In Habiganj

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A New Agricultural University is to Set Up in Habiganj

The administration has chosen to set up an agrarian college in Habiganj region planned to making chances of development in horticulture segment. 

The Ministry of Education educated that an Agricultural University will be set up in Habiganj as per the declaration of Prime Minister Sheik Hasina. 

A draft law of 'Habiganj Agricultural University Act-2016' has been readied to look for assessments from all. The draft can be found at the Ministry of Education site (www.moedu.gov.bd). The Education Ministry has looked for the suppositions of various services inside of the following 15 days. 

By draft law, Bachelor and Post-graduate level instruction, research and preparing in various parts of farming sciences will be given in this University. 

Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and different authorities will arrive in the college such as other state funded colleges. Syndicate, Academic Council and different bodies have been specified in the draft law. 

Going to Professor, Emeritus Professor, Adviser, Research Assistant, Scholars or whatever other kind of individual can be designated to the University through choice board.

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