SUST Became Winner At SOMC IV-2016 Debate Contest

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SUST Became Winner at SOMC IV-2016 Debate Contest

The SOMC IV-2016 was finished through the aggressive open deliberation. The last level headed discussion titled "This parliament believes that the regular therapeutic affirmation test ought to be scratched off" was hung on March 05, 2016. 

The debaters of North South University were the administration group and debaters of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology were the restriction group. The debating group of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology was pronounced as the triumphant group in the poll of the judges. 

The civil argument rivalry was held through round robin strategy in 8 unique venues more than two days. The best two groups were chosen for the last level headed discussion among the 27 downright groups took an interest. 

Important of the Osmani Medical College Professor Dr. Morshed Ahmed Chowdhury was the boss visitor at the SOMC IV-2016. President of Sylhet BMA Professor Dr. Rokonuddin Ahmed, Vice-Principal Professor Dr. Nanda Kishore Sinha, Dr. Abu Yusuf Bhuiyan, and Dr. Shamima Akter Mimi were the extraordinary visitor on the event. 

President of COMEC Debating Club Dr. Shahnawaz Ahmed Sajib managed the service. Abu Sahl Mohammad Fahim and Shazia Rahman Badhan served as the joint-convener of this debating celebration. The end service was directed by the General Secretary COMEC Debating Club Anindya Bhoumik Argha.

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