Four Students Of JnU Suspended Over Journalist Assaulting

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Four Students of JnU Suspended over Journalist  Assaulting

A female journalist was struck at Jagannath University (JnU). Four understudies were incidentally suspended from the college over this episode. 

JnU Proctor Dr. Nur Mohammad affirmed that on March 07, 2016 (Monday). The suspended understudies are-Sheetal, Atikur Rahman Plaban, Sadia and another couldn't be distinguished. 

Witnesses said, female columnist of a private radio station and eleventh clump understudy of the Music branch of the University had a contention with the eighth cluster understudy of Management division Sheetal for a seat in the transport conveying college understudies. 

Taking after the occurrence, Sheetal called the writer before the new expanding on March 07, 2016 (Monday) morning at 8:00 am. At a certain point amid the contention, companion of Sheetal, Plaban grabbed the scarf of that columnist. 

Meanwhile, a female companion of Sheetal named Sadia beat the writer. Later, the college Proctor went to the spot after educated him about the episode. 

The casualty female writer said, "Sadia and another companion of her slapped me over my face and head through calling me before new building. Plaban took my scarf, and did not return it." 

JnU Proctor Dr. Nur Mohammad said, "Sadia and Plaban have admitted about beating the columnist. Four of them have been essentially suspended from the college through taking their admission."

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