Non-govt College Teachers Claim To Be Enlishted In MPO System

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Non-govt College Teachers Claim to be Enlishted in MPO System

Non-government school instructors on March 20, 2016 requested that the legislature incorporate them in the regularly scheduled pay request framework inside of two months or they would dispatch an intense tumult program. 

Bangladesh Besarkari College Honors Masters Shikkhak Parishad, a countrywide collusion of 5,500 educators from 494 non-government schools, raised the interest at a rally before the National Press Club. 

Kazi Mohammad Faruque, president of the association, said that they gave the update to the Prime Minister to take care of their demand or they would dispatch countrywide work abstention. 

He said that just about two lakh non-government undergrads' study would be hampered if the legislature does not meet their requests. Talking at the rally, he additionally called for uprooting the pay segregation between instructors of government and non-government universities however they were satisfying the same necessities and same obligations. 

General Secretary of the association Kazi Kamruzzaman said that the school overseeing boards of trustees were taking all profit from understudy's month to month educational cost charges and paying so as to deny the educators them low pay, at the most astounding Tk. 8,000/ - . 

He encouraged the legislature to take the monetary administration of schools from the overseeing boards of trustees for guaranteeing instructors' rights. Azizul Haque, one of the members at the rally, said that they were requesting ninth grade compensation, which was settled at Tk. 22,000/ - in the new pay structure. 

Pioneers of non-government schools educators talked at the rally went to by 3,500 instructors, the association president Faruque said. After the rally, four pioneers from educators' association went to the leader's office to present an update. A dependable officer from PM office got the reminder, the association president Faruque affirmed.

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