Duration Of Public Exams Will Be Shortened In 5-6 Days: Nahid

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Duration of  Public Exams Will be Shortened in 5-6 Days: Nahid

The legislature is considering a proposition to abbreviate the timetable of open examinations in future to give some alleviation to the examinees, who encounter a great deal of disadvantage while showing up for such exams that extend over a three-month period under the present framework. 

"The training service is attempting to abbreviate the length of time of open exams. We need open exams to be finished in five to six days", training priest Nurul Islam Nahid said in the wake of going to Siddheshwari Girls College, an inside for the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equal exams. 

"On the off chance that we promptly declare a radical decrease in the length of time of the exams, the watchmen of the examinees will be gotten ill-equipped. They don't need sudden changes in the framework. They will must be persuaded about bringing on this change", he said. 

The pastor looked for the collaboration of the gatekeepers in this matter. The hypothetical exams started on April 03, 2016 and will close on June 09, 2016. The down to earth examinations are slated to be held between June 11 and June 20, 2016. 

Sharing his own particular experience, Nahid said, "For my registration, I sat for 10 papers in five days-a paper each in morning and evening, with a crevice between each two papers. Folks today would not be cheerful even with a crevice of two days between exams." 

"We're as yet attempting to persuade the watchmen that it is useful for examinees on the off chance that they sit for their exams inside of a brief length of time since they tend to face more tension when there are holes", he included. 

"Under the present framework, it takes no less than three months to finish every one of the exams. It's a finished exercise in futility. No classes are held amid this time and the affirmation procedure is deferred", he said. "The fundamental reason for exams is to survey whether the examinees have possessed the capacity to accomplish any genuine learning. We'll discover such a framework for our open exams", he watched. 

The pastor said that open exams will inevitably have far shorter length of time, yet executing this will require some investment. He included that the HSC exams are being held gently and that no inquiries have spilled out. "We've made strict move against inquiry paper spillage. Anybody spreading gossipy tidbits about inquiry papers on online networking will confront detainment for a long time, or a fine of Tk. 1 crore, or both, under the ICT Act", he said.

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