Barisal University Bans 'Panta-ilish' On Pahela Boishakh Celebration

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Barisal University Bans 'Panta-ilish' on Pahela Boishakh Celebration

The authorities of Barisal University (BU) forced a restriction on 'panta-ilish' (rice absorbed water and Hilsa angle) on the grounds amid the festival of Pahela Baishak, the main day of Bangla New Year. 

Bad habit Chancellor of the University Professor SM Imamul Haque told this at a public interview hung on the grounds to spare the jatka (hilsa angle under 10 crawls in length) and hilsa. 

He said the power took the choice for the more noteworthy enthusiasm of the country. He said that the legislature has forced a two months' restriction on discovering, offering and transportation of a wide range of fish from the Padma and Meghna waterways from March 01, 2016 to guarantee safe generating and securing of fish assets. 

"On the off chance that we permit 'panta-ilish' amid Bangla New Year festivity program on the grounds, it will increment empower hilsa getting. He trusted the choice will be trailed by the others parts of the general public. 

The VC said to watch the Bangla New Year, BU will organize Mangal Sovajatra (a bright mass parade) and day long reasonable, pitha celebration and social capacity on the grounds.

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