DU Fine Arts Students Shut Down The Department

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DU Fine Arts Students Shut Down the Department

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Dhaka University (DU)

Understudies of Art History office in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dhaka University (DU) bolted the office because of not getting their outcomes eight months after the exam. 

The understudies went to the last test of the year of BA (Hons) bolted the office on April 10, 2016. A few understudies of nineteenth bunch said the BA (Hons) level examinations were starts on August 20 a year ago and finished on September 20 a year ago. In any case, the exam results did not distributed yet. 

They said, 8 among the 12 understudies of this clump have fizzled in two courses. A Professor of the division has taken these two courses titled Art of Nineteenth Century and Art of Twentieth Century. 

The in-course test results were not distributed before the begin of conclusive examinations. The open door is given to everybody to partake in the last test of the years. After two months, 8 among the 12 understudies of this clump have fizzled in two courses in the wake of distributed the aftereffect of in-course test. 

Presently the college organization is uncertain about how the last test outcomes will be distributed. Accordingly, the outcome distributed is stuck for eight months. 

Understudies of the following clumps are additionally confronting session jam because of not distributed the outcomes. Dissenting understudies of the division were bolted four entryways of the office.

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