Int'l Folklore Conference Is To Held At RU

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Int'l Folklore Conference is to Held at RU

An international conference will be hung on 15 and 16 April 2016, mutually sorted out by Department of Folklore and Folklore Alumni Association of Rajshahi University. 

The fundamental topic of the gathering is 'The contemporary pattern of Folklore Study'. Intrigued educators/analysts of your area of expertise/foundation circular segment sincerely welcomed to speak to his/her exploration article (Bangla/English) in the meeting. 

To the accompanying email address (, dynamic and full article ought to be sent inside 28.02.2016 and 15.03.2016 separately. It is mentionable that the privilege of article determination will be protected by the power. 


1. New Year and Folklore, 2. Globalization and Folklore, 3. Urban Folklore, 4. Advancement and Folklore, 5. Sexual orientation and Folklore, 6. Eco-old stories, 7. Religious differences and Folklore, 8. Correspondence and Folklore, 9. Materialistic and Non-materialistic Heritage, 10. Society insight and Folklore, and 11. NGO and Folklore. 

Fables is an awesome device for reinforcing national society. By setting up historical centers of folklife and galleries gave to society craftsmanship, by enhancing the accumulations of different exhibition halls with objects of material society, and by growing the investigation of old stories in schools and colleges, it is conceivable to stretch out support to people craftsmen, advance the attractiveness of their items, and make employments for folklorists.

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